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Eire Hope is an Irish Business Directory composed of companies and professionals that defend and promote the Rights of Man, such as, Life, Freedom and Property. This Business Directory was created in October 2020 as a response to government measures, restrictions and regulations to help Business Owners, Employees, Unemployed and Self-Employed connect and conduct business with like-minded peers, building a more cohesive community and society through Networking.

13th of October 2020 – Dublin – Ireland

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Our Values

Freedom & Volunteerism.

Every individual has the right to freely pursue its own Life Project without being submitted to any form of harassment or coercion.

Good Ideas don’t require enforcement, they are gladly adopted by individuals.

The Individual is the smallest minority and their rights are the obligation of the State to defend and protect and not to attack by imposing conditions to please a specific group in society, such as a dressing code (masks) or conduct (social distance).

Private Property is Absolute.

Private means Private. The state has no power over the management, administration and development of private property, such should be decided by its owner or person exploring it.

The state has no authority to close any business, enforce any regulations or measures. Consumers are intelligent and capable of choosing which business and professionals serve their needs and make them comfortable. Also, the business owner will always take measures to attract more customers, adapting its service as customers demand, voluntarily.

Citizenship & Community.

An advanced society is made of the most diverse profiles. It’s made of people that mutually help each other without even realizing by providing/selling services to each other. We believe that a strong community is paramount to a healthy, happy society and a strong catalyst for prosperity and peace.

We condemn a Gestapo Society where neighbours are impelled to denounce each other and the law enforcement agents are used as a force of oppression instead of protection. 

Supporting Irish Business

What is Eire Hope?

Eire Hope is an Irish Business Directory composed of Companies and Professionals that promote Freedom, Private Property and Life.

Building an Irish Network that shares the same values and principles is paramount for entrepreneurial success and the prosperity of the community. The German Economy is a great example of Business Network in practice and now it’s time for Ireland.

Who is Eire Hope for?

Eire Hope is for everyone.

It’s from the people, for the people. Irish or foreigners. What unites people are shared values and morals, Eire hope is here to build the bridge.

Building a strong harmonious community is of utmost importance to defend our civil rights and freedoms.

Why is Eire Hope Important?

The Economy is made of people serving one another.

I get my meat from the butcher, the mechanic fixes my car (that was built by another person), the cooker makes my meal. Each of us in the other hand provide them with our service when we are working.

The policies, restrictions and measures implemented by the 32nd government of Ireland are a threat to the wealth and livelihoods of thousands of families and individuals in Ireland.

As consumers, every day we buy goods and services, and we have an option with the purchasing power we have. We can either choose companies and professionals with whom we identify and share the same values or not…

Eirehope gives you the opportunity to enjoy a better service experience and also opens the door to a potential fruitful friendship.

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Join the Family

Join the Family

Write the business name in case you wish to submit a company and your personal name in case you wish to provide services yourself.
If none applies, select other and specify the best you can on the next section.
Be Specific: Pub, Physician, Plumber, Egg Farm, Fisherman, etc...
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Digital Presence is essential nowadays. If you don't have a website get in touch with Eire Hope and we will give you a hand.
Use this box if there's any specific request or information that you find important to share with Eire Hope admins.
You can opt-out at any given moment of this directory by emailing Eire Hope.

Irish Business Directory

Last Update – 03/07/2021

Eire Hope Irish Business Directory is manually approved and inputted into the website. If you wish to be removed or change any record in our Public Directory please email us at and we will do it as soon as possible.

Eire Hope – The Project.

Eire Hope is an Irish Business Directory made by We, the people, for the people that keep this wonderful country alive and functioning. We believe that only through Irish Networking and supporting each other we can build a better Ireland. An Ireland that belongs to its people.

Eire Hope was released on the 13th of October 2020, 7 months after the “14 days lockdown”.
It is still being the longest “14 days” of our lives. The “14 days” never ended, they just shaped and re-shaped into different forms, always keeping its essence;

  • The suppression of freedom;
  • The violation of individual rights;
  • The destruction of wealth and livelihoods of thousands of families and individuals;
  • The instigation of mental distress and cultivation of fear;

After 7 months of Faith and Hope that our 32nd government would do its obligation and responsibility of defending Ireland’s best interests and prosperity, I have decided to be very Irish and take matters into my own hands building an Irish Business Directory so that We, the People can support each other, help our community and fellow neighbours.

We have the obligation to take the wheel of our lives, care of ourselves, deciding our own future, follow our Life Project, freely.

How can you Help?

Every one of us buys goods and services on a daily basis, why not buy them from someone that we know stands for the same values that we do? In a place where we feel comfortable and not harassed by hostile policies and/or employees?

Share the Website

The success of this project depends on how far it reaches people and how much people adhere to it, either by submitting business in the platform or by searching for business before going to purchase goods and services or a business partnership.

Eire Hope objective is to match people with similar interests, to create a more cohesive community, to help your neighbour and fellow citizen, to create prosperity for everyone.

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